Discover the island of Borkum

The island of Borkum is one of the seven East Frisian Islands that lie strung like a string of pearls off the German North Sea coast. It is the largest and westernmost in the row. It is accessible by ship all year round and attracts numerous visitors who spend their holidays on the island in the healthy offshore climate at any time of year. Visit Borkum for a day trip or even overnight.

From the German seaport of Emden or the Dutch port of Eemshaven, the car ferries and the high-tech catamaran set sail for Borkum. The holiday feeling already begins on board: with fresh North Sea air in your nose and great anticipation in your luggage, off you go. An offshore climate, endless sandy beaches and a charming island town with a diverse cultural programme await you!

Borkum's breathtaking nature

The enormous variety of flora and fauna and the fascinating variation of the landscape make Borkum a unique piece of nature in the North Sea.Those who would like to see all the beautiful spots on the island can discover the island on foot or by bike.

Hiking and discovering the island

In the town of Borkum, you will find many shops, cafés and terraces. Would you like to get an impression of the island first? Then head to the beach promenade, Borkum's 6 km long promenade. There you can also listen to the Spa orchestra at different times of the day. You can explore the island by hiking, cycling, taking a covered wagon ride or a bus tour. A stroll through the small town of Borkum will leave an indelible impression. Carefully maintained fishermen's cottages with whale hooks stand around the old lighthouse, a lasting reminder of whaling in the 18th century.

On the road by bike

There is an extensive network of cycle paths on Borkum. A cycle tour through the "Greune Stee" and "Woldedünen" is definitely recommended. Via the south side of Borkum, you can cycle over the dyke towards Ostland, where the scenery is enormously varied. The vast mud flats and salt marshes, a typical dune landscape with beautiful flora and fauna, but also farms and meadows can be seen. Everywhere you will find lovely spots to stay and enjoy for a while. Via the north side of the island, you can cycle towards the airport and then back to the town via "Waterdelle". Partly because of the beautiful natural scenery, a bike ride is recommended. Cycle maps with 3 different routes are available at the ticket office in Eemshaven. Various addresses in the town offer bicycles, children's bicycles and child seats for hire.

Rent a bike!

Always an experience - discover Borkum by bike. Directly at the station (Georg-Schütte-Platz) of Borkumer Kleinbahn you will find our bicycle rental service.

  • available at Borkumer Kleinbahn
  • E-Bikes
  • handcarts
  • kids' bikes

North Sea Aquarium

The aquarium introduces you to Borkum's underwater world and is located on the south beach. Would you like to dive into this underwater world and get an impression of the fascinating diversity of species? In a total of 16 thematically different pools on an area of 167 m² you can discover an exciting section of the wonderful North Sea nature.

Lightship "Borkumriff"

In the past, the lightship "Borkumriff" was anchored about 30 kilometres northwest of the island of Borkum on one of the main shipping routes in the German Bight in the North Sea and used a beacon to show ships from all over the world the way into the Ems.

You can tour this museum ship and a guide will explain its function and operation. There is also an information centre on the mud flats and the protection of the North Sea.

Local history museum“Dykhus”

The islanders cherish and preserve their former living and life and 300-year-old maritime history. Comprehensive images and maps show visitors what Borkum used to look like and how the island's buildings and appearance have changed over time. What one sees on the beach or when walking the mud flats can be found here arranged in cabinets and showcases. Among the exhibits in the museum are traditional costumes, pottery, tools, an old lifeboat and, last but not least, the skeleton of a giant pot whale measuring 15 metres in length. This sperm whale weighed 35 tonnes and washed up off the German coast in 1998.  Discover this ancient Borkum, it is definitely worth a visit.

Four facts about the island of Borkum

  • 36 km²

    large island

  • 5300


  • 26 km

    white sandy beach

  • 130 km

    cycling and hiking trails

The island of Borkum

Enjoy the high sea climate on the East Frisian island of Borkum - here it is wonderful to relax all year round at friendly temperatures.